Feeding and Swallowing

Our team has received training and taken certified workshops to service children and adults who are problem eaters, demonstrate sensory-motor oral deficits, and have oral sensory aversions. We also have a Certified Lactation Counselor who works with infants who have feeding-related difficulties.

Bottling / Breastfeeding Difficulties

(Including premature and fragile infants)
Is your infant having feeding difficulties? Signs include but are not limited to:

Coughing, gagging, and/or choking during feedings

Difficulty with transitioning between breast and bottle feeding

Painful latch while breastfeeding for mom

Sleeping or decreased alertness during feedings

Spillage of formula/milk from mouth during feedings

Tongue tie, lip tie, or buccal (cheek) ties

Crying and pulling away from breast or bottle during feeding


Poor weight gain/Failure to Thrive

Certified & Trained Specialists

Kelly is a CLC® (Certified Lactation Counselor) and is trained in the SOFFI Treatment Method® (Supporting Oral Feeding in Fragile Infants), an evidence-based method for feeding premature and fragile infants. We offer evaluations and provide program plans specifically designed for your child to increase feeding safety and acceptance of the breast or bottle.

We work closely with medical doctors, dentists, lactation consultants, and chiropractors to provide the best multidisciplinary approach needed for your child!

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