“Vanessa helped my 2 year old son unlock his language! It only took a couple of sessions and he was talking away. Without her help he wouldn’t have been able to tell us about his headaches, and we wouldn’t have been able to find the tumor in his brain. I’m thankful everyday for the great work of this fine lady. She is amazing with the kids, and my son paid attention to NOTHING but her when she was here. It was amazing to see this happen. Thank you so much for being such a vital part in my son’s growth!”
– Chelsea Ness

“Love this team! They helped my son get the correct diagnosis, referral for the tongue and lip tie release that he so desperately needed and have helped his speech tremendously over the last 10 months!”

– Dr Christine Duncan

“The team at Anderson-Smith Speech Therapy is fantastic! Everyone is so helpful. Our son works with Nikki and he has built a really good rapport with her. The weekly journal is so helpful for parents to work on things in between sessions. We are so thankful for Nikki and the Anderson-Smith team. We highly recommend Anderson-Smith!”

– Tom Cota

“We have had such a good experience working with Laura. She has been immensely helpful with our daughter. We highly recommend Anderson-Smith to parents that have children that need speech therapy. Way better than the “big name” hospital’s pediatric therapy services.”

– Karine Paulson

Thank you so much to Vanessa and her team for all they do to help their patients in any way they can. Vanessa is truly gifted and is the best Speech Therapist, She truly cares for her patients. I highly recommend Anderson-Smith Speech Therapy.”

– Warda Ahmed

“We love Anderson-Smith Speech Therapy! They were the 3rd speech therapists my son has been to and they by far have been the most help! I love that they use the talk tools to build jaw and mouth strength, instead of just say “this word” like the rest of the therapist have done. My son sees Jane and he adores her! She is so nice, very professional and knows her stuff!”

– Ashley Dorenkamper

“Our daughter, Harper, began seeing Anna for some reading challenges she was experiencing.  Despite a home life filled with literacy, and a school education with wonderful teachers, Harper just needed a little extra.  After the very first session, I knew Anna was one of the puzzle pieces we were missing in Harper’s education!  Harper immediately loved working with Anna, often asking if she could go to reading — even on the days she didn’t have it!  Anna was great at quickly finding the reading skills that Harper was missing, and began filling in those gaps.  Not only does Anna provide fun, engaging, meaningful activities for Harper, but after each session, Anna takes the time to fill me in on exactly what skills they’re working on, which only helps me to carry those skills to home learning.  When Harper began 2nd grade in the Fall of 2020, she took the Star Reading Assessment in order for her classroom teacher to determine her reading level.  When the assessment was given again after the 1st quarter, one of Harper’s scores had increased from 8… to just over 200! The progress Harper has made in a relatively short time is so impressive.  Harper’s self-esteem has gotten a huge boost, and the pride she feels in working with Anna is evident.  We cannot thank Anna enough for what she has done for Harper!”

– Carin Griffith